Oven Repair

The most usual occurrence we hear about is in relation to assembly ignition or element heating. No matter the cause, an oven fault equals no baking. This is a major dilemma. The oven is a stalwart of the kitchen and get this, thus, we aim to restore it ASAP!
Stress no more. Give Trent’s Appliance Repair a ring – the most reliable service repairers in Lancaster, Texas. You’ll receive one of our highly skilled experts to tend to your repair needs. Packed with a wealth of knowledge in over repairs, these experts are also provided extra educative training to ensure they’re always in the know!
An inspection will incur, as well as a primary diagnosis, and you’ll also receive the results of the enquiry. Rest assured, you’ll get an honest quote prior to work, alleviating the risk of hidden costs.
No matter your oven problem, we have the answer for you. We’re a phone call away!
Why did it break down?
There is an array of reasons for a malfunction. Your best advice is to attempt troubleshooting to assess whether it can be fixed. There may be damage to the gas line, which can result in fraying. Maybe it’s your igniter failing. It could even be an element issue. In this case, do not attempt a DIY fix!
DIY repairs trick you into thinking you’re saving money. However, it’s just not right. Repairs require certain equipment, which is specialized to suit the needs of the repair. Its more than likely you don’t own these, which is one of the many reasons DIY is not the right choice. Equipment isn’t cheap. It also requires specific training and expertise. Get in touch with a professional, it’s cost-effective, and efficient!
Common problems, troubleshooting, and repair
Heating concerns
If your oven isn’t heating to the correct temperature then you’ve most likely got a fault in the igniter or even an impaired heating system. If your issues aren’t isolated to the oven, and you notice your light won’t start, it could a gas line issue – which is something set for a professional. If gas is smelt, leave the premises and dial your supplier right away!
If you’ve got a fault heating element of igniter, our team be happy to replace it.
My door won’t shut
There are a number of issues related to an ill-shutting door. There may be a break in the sensor, springs might be worn, or the seals are damaged. This calls for part replacement!
Self-clean is broken
If you’re lucky enough to own a self-cleaning oven, congratulations. If this cycle is not working, don’t fret. It may be one of the following: the switch, control panel, door lock motor, or thermostat. This may require installation – so don’t hesitate to contact us!
Should I consider a replacement?
Your oven will be your friend for the longest time. In fact, the most out of any appliance. If you’re looking after your friendly oven companion, then you’ll be graced with its company for near on 15 years. However, if you exceed this time period, it’s probably time to start looking for an update. Our team are the specialists to help with all your installation needs!
No matter your oven concern, our team has you covered!